Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bacon, Pan, Never Forget You're A Man

I reside as far from the title of SuperMom as I possibly can. I have no desire for anyone to think that I can do it all. Days exist when I think I do it all, but we all know that I don't. Whining can be cathartic. Oh, catharsis.

My newest "Oh, let 'em do it. We don't care about that carpet." mom activity has been the reintroduction of play dough into my children's lives. I'd banned it while we lived in a house on the real estate market as we had new carpet. Play dough and new carpet do not mix.

Have you noticed that I didn't use the trademarked title of play dough? My choice is intentional. I've made the last two batches on my stove top. Homemade play dough is softer and can be ingested as you know exactly what is in it. I don't recommend the kiddos eating it, but you know they do.

Do I dare mention that I get a thrill of making it for my kids? Remember, though, I am not a supermom. I just didn't want to get in the car to buy the stuff from the store.

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