Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Adding a Late Resolution

A week ago after going to the grocery store, I became disgusted at the amount of plastic bags that I had accumulated from shopping, and just from groceries. I do recycle them at the grocery store, but I read a National Geographic article about recycling that didn't enthuse me about the amount of resources necessary for recycling those bags.

I made a late resolution to not get plastic bags any longer. I will now bring my stash of canvas bags with me to the store. If I buy more than will fit in those bags, I will ask for paper. I use the paper bags to store my paper recyclables, which means that the bag itself will be recycled.

I'm sure many people have already made this type of transition, but I'm late on the bandwagon. The pile of plastic bags finally got to me.

(If China can do it, so can we, meaning the USA.)


jmb said...

I have five or six which I keep in my car at all times and have used them for years. One supermarket was giving them away at Christmas if you spent a minimum amount, quite easy actually, so now I have two more.

Trixie said...

I was working in a grocery store in the 80s when we transitioned to plastic and I hated it then. I hate it now. I switched to paper when we moved to GA. In DC I needed the plastic to some extend because of the walking to and from the store or car and all the dog poo collection. In GA I park in my garage and can handle the paper easily. We use them for wrapping boxes to mail, for recycling, for weedblocker, etc.

In fact we never discard cardboard anymore. Twice a year we do about $300 in mulching all around the house but first we cover every inch of the beds in cardboard boxes. We tested it the first year and the difference was amazing. The area with black weed blocker got weedy in a season and we pulled out the weeds, the blocker came up too. The area with just mulch - well you can imagine! The area with cardboard and mulch - not a peep out of it.

We suck at so many things that it is good to able to say this is the one thing we do well.

Sarabeth said...

I used to use a backpack when I lived in Seattle and walked to the grocery store. Somehow, over the years, I stopped bringing my own bags.

Trixie, I like the idea of the cardboard as a weed barrier. Nice.

Caffeine Court said...

Amen to that-I started using my canvas bags last year! It's a pain, but I hate to think about all those plastic bags rotting in a landfill.