Friday, December 28, 2007

Rolling in the Free E-books

I noticed that offered free e-books from Dec. 25th until January 1. Who can pass up free books, even though these books only exist as electrons on a screen. I had downloaded Adobe Digital Editions for my laptop a bit ago to read another book. I had an easy way to read the books. I jumped at the chance to have new books at my disposal.

The first one . . . predictable (but isn't most romance?), and I wanted more from the accessory characters. Cal, for instance, contained numerous chances for elaboration. I would have enjoyed that. But, as a 12 chapter book, enjoyable for a holiday read.

The second one? Haven't gotten past the first few pages, but that's because a certain husband is on call and a certain sister left the country for a holiday in Singapore!

I missed the deadline for the third book, forgetting that I now live in the Central timezone. Alas, I can handle missing one book. I downloaded the fourth just minutes ago. I'm so loving having an indulgence . . . romance novels.


jmb said...

Well I'm glad you posted about this because now I have downloaded the Adobe Digital Editions and then downloaded the fourth one, strange cover but it's free.
Thanks for that.
Have a very Happy New Year and I like you new look very much.

Sarabeth said...

I've read to chapter 4 and like it. Some of the Harlequin books bother me because the heroine reminds you too much of why she hates/distrusts/worries it won't work with the hero. Historicals take out some of that because you know the rigid structure of the society then.