Saturday, December 29, 2007

The New Year Will Be Different

In the past few years, Phill and I have made a joint resolution for change. To ring in 2006, we resolved to increase what we recycle. Nearly two years later, we still recycle most of the packaging for the products we consume and look for products with better packaging. Here in NOLA, it is easier to recycle as every two weeks a truck collects what we leave on the curb.

Last year, the resolution was to attend to our health issues. I think we did that. Sort of. No, not that well.

Yet, this year, we feel no need to state any resolutions. Life is already very different. Because we have stores, banks, and schools near us, we walk more. Because less trafficked ways exist for non-car commuting, Phill bikes most days to work. Most of his ride is atop the levee along the Mississippi River. He's already lost weight.

I only use my mini-van when we need to make a big grocery run. Another side effect of not driving much is that I don't succumb to the call of an easy, quick, full-of-fat lunch from a fast food establishment. Too many days I did that while living in Charlottesville. Sure, there's a McDonald's within walking distance, but walking to a fast food joint isn't worth it to me.

We rarely eat land dwelling creatures, anyway (Popeye's fried chicken and alligator sausage, excepted). Living where seafood is a staple makes our daily diet easier. Buying local shrimp for $3.99 a pound (heads on) is such a deal. I need to learn how to cook crawfish. Rater, I need to be brave enough to buy it and just dive right in to making my own gumbo, etouffe, and other such swamp fare. I won't be cooking alligator. Phill can get his sausage fix at the shack down on the river.

At least one store I frequent sells local produce. The satsumas, cabbages, and turnips have been lovely as of late.

So, I'm not making New Year's resolutions. 2008 is guaranteed to be different. I find I like that.


Anonymous said...

Now I miss DC.

Love to you and the kids. Happy NOLA Year 2008.

We don't have any resolutions this year except to figure out Baby2.

Zoo Knudsen said...

I used to love Jacque Imo's when I was a cub reporter at the Picayunne. Hana and Kanpai have the best sushi in town.

Sarabeth said...

Hi Zoo, we haven't made it down to Oak St. yet. Not having a babysitter puts a cramp in our style (not like we ever had one). It's ridiculous when Commander's Palace is less than a block from our house, but we haven't been there since moving here either.

Now that the streetcar travels the entire length of St. Charles, we'll get down towards Jacque Imo's one day.

I'm not a sushi fan, however. I'll pass on those recommendations.

Zoo Knudsen said...

Your husband seems to have confused me with somebody named Neonatal Doc. Tell him he's close but no cigar.

Sarabeth said...

I think his confusion is intentional. We know who you are. Your reporting is legendary, Mr. Knudsen. Legendary, I tell you.

Zoo Knudsen said...

I see, so you must be familiar with my award winning work with the Intelligencer.