Monday, December 03, 2007

A Mama By Any Other Name

"I love my mommy."

"I love my mama."

"I love my momma."

Which one sounds better to you? Or all they all the same?

To me, only the first one causes me to smile. I am Mommy to my children. Rather, that's how I would prefer it. In true kid fashion, I can be all of the above.

My definitions:

Mommy-A woman who greets the child at the door with a warm towel after a run from the bus stop in the rain. The lady who holds you after you've gotten the worst scrape on your knee. A mommy is cuddly, loving, and inspiring.

Mama-(accent on the -ma at the end) A doting mother, but not in the good way. She's slightly aloof, yet comes to the rescue when required.

Momma-(said in a deep southern accent with a scowl) A mother who is tough and frequently causes embarrassment with her behavior. This kind of mother you want to throw from the train.

Yes, my children have called me Momma, complete with the scowl. More frequently, I am Mama, without the accent on the last syllable. Neither aloof or the lady that causes embarrassment, I exist as a different type of mother than my pre-conceived definitions. The longer we live in New Orleans, I believe that I will be just plain Mama more and more often.

One of the men who hauled our furniture and boxes into the house would get my attention by calling, "Mama". Usually, my annoyance at being called any of the above by a person not my child rises. (Some pediatricians do this. I always think that those that do have forgotten my name because they have dealt with too many patients that day.) However, this man's call carried respect. With each "Mama" I felt the respect he had for me balancing the needs of my children, my dog's insistent heel at my heel, my husband's questions, and the movers intrusion (welcome, though).

If I get that feeling each time my children use the term Mama, my kids have my leave to call me that every time I'm needed.

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Kell said...

I'll just call you Sarabeth - and wish you happy unpacking. Can't wait to see photos of your new home!!!!