Thursday, December 13, 2007

In Our House: Dining Room

Mostly empty, our dining room is, amazingly, where we eat dinner now. In the house in C'ville, we only used our dining room when friends joined us and the in-kitchen bar wouldn't accommodate a larger party. The bar in this house has enough room for the three kids; Phill and I would be left standing.

This set of silk curtains remains in wonderful condition. Being on a northern window, they have no sun exposure.


jmb said...

Every room has a similar fireplace. Are you sure you are not photoshopping these photos? Just kidding, it looks like a lovely house Sarabeth.

Sarabeth said...

I wish I could photoshop! I don't have that program.

Dream Mom said...

The dining room looks nice. I always love eating in a beautiful room and by candlelight, even for every day.

The picture is a little dark so it's hard to see some of the details.

I love houses and would love to see more close ups of the rooms. In this case, I'd like to see the chandelier and the fireplace.

Sounds like you are enjoying your house and have made the transition nicely. Are the kids enjoying the new schools?

Sarabeth said...

Hi Dream Mom,

I intentionally made the photo a bit dark. Makes the room look less empty, because it is empty.

I can photograph the chandelier and the fireplaces. I'll put it on my list for when I return from my mom's house.

My eldest loves her school. I think it is because only girls are allowed. My middle one is less enthusiastic, but she doesn't hate it and hasn't balked at the 4 block walk the past week.

My youngest yearns for his own classroom, but in New Orleans, he's too young for a 2 year old preschool. Sort of weirds me out to think that when he is a senior he'll turn 18 in the first month of school. Talk about big man on campus, especially if he gets his dad's build.

Dream Mom said...

Sarabeth, I know some of my photos turn out dark as well. I wouldn't worry about empty rooms-they fill up soon enough and I'd rather they fill up with things I love than just filler.

I love the detail in southern homes. That would be the type of home I'd most like to live in although I appreciate a lot of styles.

I am currently working in a client's home that is pretty cool; it's done in a Frank Lloyd Wright style and won numerous awards and was featured in a luxury new home magazine when it was built a few years back. It has awesome details and is quite large, around 10,000 square feet. While it's not my style, it is beautiful. They have a dining room table that must be around 25 feet long and seats 16. It's cool because in front of it is a beautiful sitting area with a stone fireplace and windows that look out to the grounds. I can imagine wonderful dinner parties there with everyone gathering there after the meal. It is quite grand.

That's good news that the kids have transitioned well to the new schools.

Trixie said...

We could have so much fun searching for the right things to fill your empty space. I bet NO has some great junk shops!!!