Monday, December 17, 2007

By the Twinkling Lights

Except, these don't twinkle most of the time. One socket must have a bad connection, as one bulb continually flickers. This chandelier works with a rheostat, making it easier to have a candlelight level of dimness. Not that Phill allows us to eat by candlelight. He, like my father, prefers to see his food. Neither of get that the dimness is about ambiance.

The painting in the background hangs above the fireplace. The artist was Phill's great-aunt Agnes. We have two of her paintings. The other hangs in the man-cave/library. Phill's father liked this painting. That is why it hangs in our house.


jmb said...

While very beautiful all I can think about is cleaning that chandelier. We have one just like it in our 2 storeyed front hall and we have to climb up a huge ladder and balance precariously while cleaning all the dingle dangles. Ugh. It doesn't get done very often.

Dream Mom said...

The chandelier is beautiful. It has a classic yet feminine feel to it. Thanks for posting a picture of it. Your home seems to have some very beautiful details to it.

JMB-If you check Martha Stewart's blog, she had an article on how she cleaned her chandelier and showed the steps. (Hint: She hired a service.)

Sarabeth said...

I should have also noted that the chandelier was designed pre-electricity as a close look reveals exterior wires to the candle holders.

And, JMB, some of it is dusty. The nice thing about New Orleans is that there are shops and services for all these old houses and their fixtures. I'll probably have someone clean it at some point. Not soon, though.