Thursday, December 20, 2007

Because he couldn't find me anything on eBay

This morning I sent 364 pages to the printer. As I heard the ink jet working, saw the pages (2-sided!) piling in the output tray, I made note to thank my husband.

My Christmas gift from him is editing of the novel I finally completed mere weeks ago.

As I wrote the novel and edited it and posted it on the blog I reserved for it, I knew the words added up to pages added up to a complete story. Yet, viewing the stack drove home the accomplishment of completion.

I don't sit idly, though. I'm writing again. I've begun here. Take a look if you'd like. I'm no longer bashful about this. Well, that's almost true.

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wolfbaby said...

that must be an awesome feeling!!! i can't wait to get some writting done with my break comming up:)