Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Adding Up

In Charlottesville, I joined a gym, complete with child care so I could get reliable exercise. Here, I walk four times a day, sometimes five, just for my daily routine.

The school I chose for my daughters is located four blocks from our house. I walk the kids for the beginning of school. At noon, I return on foot to bring my middle child home. When my eldest completes her day, we make the trip a third time, along Prytania, to the school. Just before dark, I hoist the two year old on my back using the kid backpack, slap a harness on White Dragon, and drag the kids around the Garden District for the walk solely for the dog to see other dogs and get some exercise.

At no time am I walking quickly. The children set the pace. Still, the steps must be adding up.

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Liz Self said...

It's a change you really notice when you move to a city. It's true for us, too, especially since we don't have a car. On a day when I'm only going to work and walking the dog, I still probably walk 1-2 miles per day. When I'm running errands or out with Wes, it's probably another one or two. It's nice!