Monday, November 12, 2007

A Well Made Bed

My favorite house keeping task that I performed with my mom when I was younger had to be changing the sheets. I adored slipping in between the cool, cotton sheets and smelling the sweet aroma of powder that Mom sprinkled on the mattress before she fitted the bottom sheet. I would move my legs a inch here or there just to feel the renewed coolness.

She changed the sheets at night, a habit my husband wishes she hadn't passed along to me. I've attempted to change my ways, and many times I succeed. Alas, there are nights that I crave knowing the sheets were changed just minutes before I settled between the woven threads.

Thoughts of changing sheets and making beds inhabit large chunks of my brain with the house on the market. Believing I can be a super mom and client simultaneously, I told my agent I would need a mere hour of advance notice to show the house. And, yes, a few agents have asked to see the house in about an hour.

To achieve that level of readiness has transformed me into Monica Gellar of NBC's Friends series. As I help get the kids ready for school, I make up each bed. The warm spots where their bodies laid remain as I pull the sheets smartly, fluff the pillows, and set the decorative pillows and ridiculous amounts of Care Bears on the bed.

I do the least work in my eldest's room. She can only move two inches during the night. The crib is a breeze. My son still doesn't like covers, although he sleeps atop three blankets. The bed I share with Phill is relatively easy as once we sleep, we sleep like the dead (a phrase I shouldn't use, but ah, I'm using it).

The bed that requires a complete re-do is that of my middle child. I retrieve the top sheet from its crumpled heap at the foot of the bed. The lavender quilt, which began with its stitches parallel to the bed, has turned perpendicular. The Care Bears, ten total, jumped the platform in the night and create an obstacle course as I struggle to find the four pillows.

Still, when I leave with the children for school in the morning, the upstairs looks fabulous.

When we move to the new house, I will leave the beds unmade for a week, or maybe a month . . .


Yes, I did just yell that. Sorry. Very rude of me.

What about you? Do you make your bed each day? Why? Why not?


turtle toes said...

I just had this conversation with my mom on Saturday! As a teenager I made my bed every day - not because my mom insisted but because I felt I needed to make the bed.
Now, I make our bed. Every day. With the four kids, it may be the only housekeeping task that gets done during the day but I cannot get into an unmade bed.

elizabeth.thomas said...

some days I make it in the morning, but mostly I make it at night.

Marijean said...

I didn't -- for a long time -- and it made me feel awful. Then one Lent I decided I would make the bed every day for 40 days. The habit stuck and it feels great to have a made bed and a nice looking room to return to at the end of the day.

jmb said...

Well I'm sure this is all a bit stressful what with everything else going on. So I hope your house sells soon so that you can give this job up.
I'm really glad that we use duvets now.