Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saying Goodbye One Piece at a Time

Tears. A sign that the move causes me sadness, too. The tears threatened to spill onto my cheeks during a harvest festival at my children's school. The emotional attachment I have to the school surprises me at inopportune moments. When all the other parents smile at their child's antics or singing voice, I struggle with tears. We will leave this beautiful community, built by parents and educators into a cohesive, but diverse group. We like each other. We are comfortable at the school. We love the school. We give feedback. The administrators listen.

Oh, here they come again, those tears. If could package this school in bubble wrap, I would put it on the moving truck as well.

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Elizabeth M. said...

My children attended a wonderful, tiny private school in Bloomington, Indiana. When they were 6 and 9 we moved from there to Virginia. I still remember the last event we attended at their Indiana school -- a science fair. When we drove away, all three of us were crying.