Friday, November 30, 2007

The Street Car Named Bump

As our house remains big and empty, all five of us caught the St. Charles Avenue street car headed towards Canal Street. Having the three kids with us, we avoided Bourbon St. Cafe du Monde beckoned us with the confectioner's sugar dusted fried dough called biegnets.

Both Phill and I had promised the children we'd take them there as soon as we could. A day after arriving seemed pretty soon to complete a promise. The verdict from the kids does not impress. Only my middle child ate a whole one. The two-year-old licked the sugar after taking one bite, although he later ate a cold one for an afternoon snack. My eldest stated that she didn't like the sugar at all. I did my best to brush it off for her, but the fat-stuck blobs remaining were unpalatable to her.

Oh well. We tried. The star of the day? The river. All of kids marveled at the large ships navigating the currents. We did explain that people don't swim in the Mississippi River. People don't, right?

We capped the end of our morning with a carriage ride. Our tour guide, Billy, nicely took us through more of the residential part of the French Quarter as the raunchier places aren't for little children. Le Blanc, the while mule, appeared annoyed that he wasn't allowed to follow the normal route. If you want to see Billy at the head of his carriage (with a white horse, not the mules normally used), take a look here. Scroll down until you see the title "Jackson Square Carriage."

Did the day end perfectly? No. My son grew tired, and I lugged him to the street car for the loud ride home. I know the girls enjoyed the day. Each had to call a friend this evening to describe the French Quarter, the street car, and the carriage ride. Neither of them heralded the taste of beignets.

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