Thursday, November 22, 2007

Goodbye, Charlottesville

Thank you for being my home for the past seven and one half years. The neighbors were great. The mountains . . . ah, fabulous . . . supplied ample hours of year-round hikes complete with nearly tame deer, one very surprised bobcat, too many birds to count, and a few bears that felt too close.

My children were born within your city limits. I found a school that I loved for them. I cemented friendships that will transcend time and distance.

I never quite felt comfortable calling the university students first, second, third, and fourth years. And, well, although you call it "grounds", it is a campus. Mr. Jefferson failed to completely turn me to his terminology.

While I am now stuck in the limbo of living in someone else's house until ours is truly ours, I do not long for the one lane bridges, unpaved roads, or rolling hills that fade into blue. This flat land of the Gulf Coast calls to me, welcoming me home with the lure of fresh seafood, soft sounds of jazz, and breezes that bring moisture from muddy rivers.


jmb said...

Good luck with the move or has it already taken place? I can't remember.

Sarabeth said...

Hi JMB, we are out of the C'ville house, staying at my mother's in Florida for the holiday and until the closing on Monday. We, then, need only to wait until the moving truck arrives with our possessions.

emory said...

Sarabeth- so sorry you are leaving town. hope you'll continue to post to cville, let us hear from the new ground

Sarabeth said...

Bill, I certainly will. I'll have to ask Waldo if he'll leave me on the aggregator.

Kell said...