Thursday, November 15, 2007


After reading my writing and allowing my husband (with new series begun on his own blog) to read my latest, I have made a change. And, now, am no longer finished with the first draft. The epilogue, not the link below, must be rewritten from a different point of view.

I am often annoyed at Phill's comments, but I still listen. If he did not care, he would only say nice things or nothing at all. As critical as he can be, I know he wants my writing to improve each time I touch the document.

Sooooo, let's pretend Chapter 43 has an extension, posted separately so that no cutsey curly cues are necessary.

And, uh, if you care, say something nice or mean or critical. I can take it. I can also dish it out, although in a constructive manner.

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