Sunday, October 07, 2007

Let the Letters Begin

As I currently have The Solicitors of Abigail Bruce formatted, the letters from Abigail are interspersed between the chapters at regular intervals. The letter that Kathryn finds is the first one she reads. It is the only one out of chronological order.

I've put dates on some and not on others. I'll attempt to get the dates on all of them, but don't count on it. It's all about finishing the thing. I want to participate in National Novel Writing Month beginning in November. I've got a few stories hankering for their time in the "show".

And, uh, do I need to keep posting here that I've posted there?

Kathryn's reading in chronological order begins:
4 June 1786
10 March 1788
15 August 1794


jmb said...

Well I could put the other one on bloglines, in fact I will now.

wolfbaby said...

umm i guess i need to put it on blog lines as well;)