Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Inclusive and sinking and dangerous and home

I read an article in Travel and Leisure today about New Orleans. One paragraph summed up how I feel when I am in New Orleans:
Yet so much of New Orleans is accessible, and its inclusive spirit can make newcomers feel they belong here. No matter where you come from—no matter how badly you mangle the street names, how confounded you are by the ordering system at Domilise’s, or how clumsily you dance—New Orleans welcomes you as one of its own, with a warmth that verges on the comical. Even the most jaded out-of-towner has to get a charge out of being greeted "Heeyyyyy, brutha!" by a Ritz-Carlton doorman. Or having Domilise’s gruff counter lady finally fix you in her sights, her frown suddenly changed to a smile, and ask, "What can we feed you, baby?"
If you've never experienced that part of the South, the feeling of being included immediately unsettles you. You don't have to earn their friendship. You just are, now, one of them. Gives me the warm fuzzies.

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