Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If here means absent

Nothing messes up a schedule more than a weekend away house shopping. The entire brain is used to analyze the house. One must:
  • Overlook the mess left by renters
  • Resist the hook of a well-staged house
  • Determine if the rooms will allow five people to live comfortably
  • Accurately determine yard size and fence height for one dog
  • Decide if the parking is adequate
  • Approximate the time to and from work.
I enjoyed the trip. Despite all of the challenges inherent in living in New Orleans, I am going to love it. The place is so enthralling. Phill's soon-to-be colleagues are so . . . (dare I say it) friendly. These are people who arrange a house showing at 11 0'clock PM as we were sipping after dinner drinks.

Besides having a contract on a house, I have been arranging financing, determining who will provide homeowners' and flood insurance, and comparing quotes for moving companies. My head is swimming with names, numbers, and dates.

I still haven't chosen a school for the children. That will wait until we are actually in New Orleans. Getting the kids down there for just a visit is too expensive and time-consuming.

Now, I've done it. My headache worsened.


jmb said...

A house is a good start. No doubt it will all fall into place after a lot of time and effort spent by you.
Hopefully school will resolve itself.

Liz Self said...

Just imagine what my parents' lives were like. We moved at least 10 times while I was growing up, and we never lived on base during that time, so they did house-shopping every time! I know if was excruciating for them, but there's something enthralling about being a kid, having your parents come back from a trip with a picture of your new house!

Kell said...

Awesome - so exciting! I'm thrilled for you!

Sarabeth said...

Liz, I can only imagine that it becomes easier the more you move. At least, I hope it did for your parents' sake.

I'll write more about how my rational side warred with my emotional side. Reconciling the two took some internal wrestling.

As for the schools, JMB, there is a girls' school just three blocks from the house. It would be nice if both the girls and I liked it. The little boy will just have to wait. There are some great boys' schools, too. The one co-ed school that I like will require that my children go back a grade--no questions asked.