Saturday, October 27, 2007

Have to Make Good on a Promise

In pure grouch mode, I wrote about how much some weddings bother me. I mentioned that I wish wedding ceremonies would be Princess Bride short. In the comments I wrote:
I should clarify that there are at least two weddings which I would attend no matter where they were. One is a family member. The other person is a friend from college. Those two I would not miss.

My college friend (who attend the same university for graduate school as I, a bit feat when we were in Florida and both ended up in Washington state) is engaged. She was kind enough to warn me that the ceremony would be a full, Episcopalian service. Doesn't matter. Not a thing will keep me from being a witness.

I've felt lighter all evening.

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Kell said...

I could write an entire book on this subject - in fact - wouldn't a novel about a wedding planner who can't stand weddings be great? I'm so on it.