Friday, September 14, 2007

We are all seriously wacky

Oh, please? Are we this disconnected from face-to-face, personal relationships? Oh, Marijean has some advice for these people.
A new study found that two thirds of the people surveyed, reported hearing their phone ring or feeling it vibrate when it had not actually rung.

Wait, there's more:
The study also shows that some people rely on their mobile phone to regulate moods and maintain social connectedness. Those people who prefer to use their phones for text messaging, rather than talking, evidence higher levels of loneliness, social anxiety, and problem phone use.


Marijean said...

I'll admit to having waited for the phone to ring on many an occasion. But imagining it ringing? That's just sad. Get out and SEE someone, people.

jmb said...

This makes me think of the Blue Man Group performance I saw recently when a voice over noted wryly that people went to internet cafes not to communicate with those who were there but with those who were not there.

Sarabeth said...

jmb-In early 2001, my parents got to experience England and Wales with Phill and I thanks to internet cafes. I wrote an account of the day's activities as they happened. We never once talked to anyone else in the cafes. The pubs, however, were where we talked to many people. Technology certainly can keep us connected, but separate. Strange. And, now we all sound old and crotchedy. Except, I'm pretty sure that Marijean is my age.