Friday, September 07, 2007

Spider Lilies

This flower, which we call a spider lily, was given to us by my mother-in-law. She, apparently, got it from someone who was unsure of its name but called it a spider lily as well. Each year, the buds sprout along our front walkway. In a matter of days, they compliment the blooming variegated liriope.

The scientific name is Lycoris radiata and is also know an Higanbana in Japanese. A discussion of this flower can be found at this site.

This is the photo I took last year around Sept. 15th after a rain.

Morning Update: We watched a hummingbird sample the flowers from the sidelights of our front door. I captured this photo. It is quite grainy as I don't have a high-powered telephoto lens. I might have to invest in one.


jmb said...

I don't know this lily but I can see that the hummingbird is a big fan. The photo is very grainy, did the glass make it so?

Sarabeth said...

The grain is partially from the distance of the camera from the subject, the pane of glass, and the lack of a telephoto lens. In order to see the hummingbird, I had to use some digital imaging techniques. I'm not proficient in those types of programs. Something new to learn one day.