Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh, the muck

This past week we noticed that the water in the fish pond was dropping rapidly. We knew that the cause wasn't evaporation, so we made a call to a pond repair person--who could come in five days. Late on Friday, we realized that the fish wouldn't survive if we waited five more days to stop the leak.

Enter Phill, now known as muckmaster. He, along with our friend TopDirtyDog, netted the fist, transferred the buggers to a holding pond, and removed the largehumongous clumps of water lilies. Our eldest daughter exclaimed, "If I stay near this smell too long I am going to vomit." Yes, wretched is the word to describe the odor.

Phill found the hole, but rain prevented us from patching it that evening. We worried that fish would run out of oxygen or that stress from warmer water would cause their demise. Our worries were confirmed when four fish succumbed. We can only blame White Dragon for one.

Yesterday we managed to transfer the fish back to the sealed pond. The patch is holding. The smell no longer lingers. The loss of the fish? We can handle it as the original five we purchased six years ago have multiplied to three dozen.


Kell said...

What could make a pond repair man so busy he couldn't make it for FIVE Days? His loss. Good job.

emory said...

HP-so the smell was from the pond muck? I need pond advice, we unearthed one in my backyard, was last a functioning pond in the 1920's. Holds appx 200 gallons of water. Have some fish but no pump, no plants save for some elodea canadesis I grabbed from the Rivanna. Where do you purchase supplies, any tips for new pond person?
do children fall in? are mosquitoes a problem?

jmb said...

Good for Super Pond Repairman. Here a pond is hopeless. The herons just pinch all the fish. Next door has the most beautiful japanese garden with huge pond but no fish. They have given up restocking. Mosquitoes no problem however, sadly loads of those!