Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's all in the Kiss

My energy has been spent by prepping the house for the real estate market. I want to write commentary about this brief on research regarding kissing. However, mustering the brain power to do so is failing. Let's just look at a few highlights:
[ . . . ] many college students have found themselves attracted to someone, only to discover after they kissed them for the first time that they were no longer interested. "In other words," said Gallup, an evolutionary psychologist, "While many forces lead two people to connect romantically, the kiss, particularly the first kiss, can be a deal breaker."

I would agree based on my own experiences.
The UAlbany study also found sex differences in the importance and type of kissing. Males tended to kiss as a means to an end -- to gain sexual favors or to reconcile. In contrast, females kiss to establish and monitor the status of their relationship, and to assess and periodically update the level of commitment on the part of a partner
Not surprising, is it? Confirms what we already know.
This tidbit interested me as I didn't know the bit about male saliva containing testosterone.
Males, however, were more likely than females to initiate open mouth kissing and kissing with tongue contact. The researchers speculate that the exchange of saliva during kissing may have biological consequences in its own right. Male saliva contains measurable amounts of the sex hormone testosterone which can affect libido.

What's the big "So What?" More insight into the psychology of humans.
The authors conclude that the study provides evidence that romantic kissing evolved as an adaptive courtship strategy that functions as a mate-assessment technique, a means of initiating sexual arousal and receptivity, and a way of maintaining a bonded relationship.


Liz Self said...

Still kinda interesting though. Wes and I had a bad first kiss. In fact, it prompted me to end things before they began because I didn't think there was any attraction there. We eventually gave it another go and worked it out, but it's funny to read that now and think back. And the part about women using kissing to sense the status of the relationship. We are not a couple that says "I love you" every morning, night, and on the phone, but I do like a kiss here and there for that connection.

Sarabeth said...

As corny as it is, we have a sign that says "Always kiss me goodnight" in our bedroom. It's that connection, as you said.

Phill and I had a first kiss that caused fireworks, birds to sing, and the world to stop its spin. It was that good.

Ami said...

I can't really remember my very first kiss with Vladimir, though all of that kissing in the beginning was deeply enjoyable.

That is very interesting, though.

I do think its cool that there is testosterone in the spit. I'll have to tell Vladimir that.