Wednesday, September 12, 2007


After completing the novel Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, I need to be excused. I shall indulge in watching Pride & Prejudice as my husband is off saving babies for the night.

Never fear, though. I am not a Jane Austen addict. I can exists for months on end without opening one of her six novels. I do not pine for Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.

I am also not a purist, as I enjoyed the darker, more Bronte-esque version starring Kiera Knightley. I am to blame for introducing my mother-in-law to the world of Austen. That was self-defense. I needed something besides sewing to discuss with her.

Should I be writing? Yes. Have I completed anything since the house was officially on the market and my sole focus has been to occupy the children outside (mosquitoes and all) so that the house remains in "ready to show" condition? Ten, maybe twelve, paragraphs.

I indulge in the land of Austen tonight. What about you? What movie, activity, or book is your indulgence when other things could be done?


jmb said...

So did you like the book? I am assuming yes, so I will have to look for it. I am totally disgusted with the current crop of books which claim to be continuations of Jane Austen.

I'm afraid I did not care for the Keira Knightley version of P&P, mainly because I thought Matthew McFaddyn (?sp)totally unsuitable. I also think the longer BBC production did the book justice. Two hours is not enough.

Reading is my indulgence but the only books I reread are Dorothy Dunnett's. Too many good books out there waiting for me.

Kell said...

To occupy my mind, I stalk Colin Firth... Tee hee... Seriously - between photography and the band - I have all I can handle. I always fall asleep on the couch at night... Its like the TV is some kind of magic sleeping pill.

Sarabeth said...

jmb-I did enjoy the book. The author's angle on Jane Austen's world was inventive. It isn't a P&P or an Emma or a Persuasion continuation. It is its own story in Austen's world.

As for Matthew McFadden as Darcy, I do agree he was miscast. However, when I first saw the movie, I hadn't seen him in anything else so he was just who he was. Now that I have seen him as a modern day MI-5 agent, I am much less enamored of him as a Regency gentleman.

Kell--I must admit that I fell asleep, too. Still, I tried to indulge.

molly said...

I watch the A&E version when husband is out of town -- it is one of my favorite indulgences too.