Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'll Miss Sunsets Over Mountains


Ami said...

I live in Louisianna for a couple of years growing up.

When we moved, it was to Utah where there are many high, rugged mountains. I was scared to go into them. Got over that, and when we moved Salem, OR that was what I missed the most. We're back. It is less the culture and more the land that calls me to this place. I feel vulnerable without mountains totally surrounding me.

BTW, that is cool that you're moving to New Orleans, and I like your motivations. Hope it goes smoothly for you.

Sarabeth said...

I grew up in Florida. Mountains, as you said, were dark and scary formations that only odd people wanted to inhabit. My first veiw of real mountains were of the Rocky Mountains as we drove across country fourteen years ago. Their dark shapes loomed in the distance. It was living in Seattle that taught me to love the mountains.