Friday, August 17, 2007

Water at the Table

Although there was a downpour yesterday evening, the city and county governments declared a drought. This area had the same problem in 2002. Even the high-end restaurants served dinners on throw away plates to reduce water usage. Along with that noticeable change in serving habits was that water was only served as a beverage if it was requested. Many places around here no long set a glass of water on the table. I've gotten used to it. So much so, that when I was in New Orleans in July, I took notice that water was a given while perusing the menu.

What about you? Would you notice if there water wasn't poured into an awaiting glass at restaurants? Do you drink the water provided? Or are you the person who lets it sit?


dragon knitter said...

water is hit or miss, even in the chain restaurants. i suppose it depends on the age of the waitperson. older staff tend to give water glasses, while younger ones don't. unless it's policy (like village inn), i don't usually see it. if i do, i actually tend to order smaller drinks, or request water, in the case of my husband who ices his coffee, and my son, who tends to order odd things like hot tea.

if it comes to the table, then yes, i do drink it, even if just a bit.

elizabeth.thomas said...

I drink it. Around here there are some restaurants who don't serve water and some who do. Mostly it is only if you request it.

jmb said...

I always drink the water because I don't drink wine with meals. I usually drink all the refills too.
We live in the no shortage of water city so it is always offered.