Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Uncle Jim

He is a physician. He is a farmer of crops and cattle. His knowledge of the area genealogy is impressive. To him, the land is part of his family, past, present, and future. Nearing 80, he is rarely befuddled. He also adores my daughters as all six of his grandchildren are boys.

My children have great-uncles as older male role models. While the men who are still part of their lives are interesting and loving, I will always lament that the two most spectacular men, my father and Phill's, are not of this world for them.

I am thankful for Uncle Jim.


jmb said...

I remember Uncle Jim from Phill's book. He sounds like the salt of the earth.

Kell said...

It's really sweet that Uncle Jim is in your life. I still love the "uncle jims'" in my life!!!