Monday, August 20, 2007

The Stack

Nestled in a folder is a stack of papers necessary for Phill to be a doctor in the state of Louisiana. These papers included a printed copy of two online forms (thank goodness) for our records, his transcripts from the varied schools he has attended, copies of his medical licenses, criminal background forms (not that he has one), and three forms for insurance companies, one of which is Medicaid. I have it in a regular folder, but I will now need to find an expanding folder because the stack grows with each passing day.

Most of the stack will require me to use handwriting! Handwriting! I type much faster than I write. Some of you who have never seen Phill's writing will wonder why I must fill out the blanks. Trust me that you don't want him to write anything. No one but me would be able to read it. HIDEOUS handwriting is what my husband possesses. He had it before he was a doctor. He had it before his cavernoma. Being a physician has only made it worse.

This is also my first post regarding moving. I doubt I will blog much about the process, but one thing or the other will get me. I've moved enough since college that the stress is just that and will be gone once the boxes have traveled the distance.

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