Thursday, August 30, 2007


When I tell people around here where we call home next, the universal reaction is raised eyebrows. Before the two year anniversary coverage of Hurricane Katrina, I would hear a lot of "Oh, wow. Really?"

Compelled to explain why we would choose New Orleans, I say that the position is wonderful for Phill. We'll be closer to my mother's family. I've lived in hurricane regions before. Blah, blah, blah. To some people I would explain profusely. To others, I deadpan the "great position" line.

My friends, who know that Phill and I don't make rash life decisions, haven't questioned me about the rationale. I adore my friends. However, some of them may want to have glimpses of our decision making process.

Did I worry about the crime rate? Yes.

Did I worry about future flooding and infrastructure changes? Yes.

Did we discuss the fact that the city is sinking? Yes.

We also considered that New Orleans is in need of what Phill can offer in terms of medicine and care. When all the children are in school, I can lend my time to others helping the city and its residents.

In the end, while we worried that good sense was being bullied by a pioneering spirit to do something different, we both realized that we liked the idea of living in New Orleans. The city, rich in history, culture, and problems, will be our home. We may, though, get another big dog. This one will have to be meaner looking than White Dragon.

What about you? What was your reaction?


wolfbaby said...

i just have one question.. will you take pics? i hear some of the older buildings survived without damage and are just beatiful!!! i have always wanted to go see new orleans i know some of it isn't what it used to be but there are parts that didn't get hit that bad right? i hope your move goes well!!!

Sarabeth said...

I forget where I read it, but about 20% of the city and surrounding areas didn't flood. There are still buildings that are beautiful in an architectural sense. Tulane and Xavier Universities have great buildings, too.

I'll take pictures, unlike when I went there in July and just didn't feel like being touristy.

Trixie said...

I was all about the move but then you are talking a world-class mover. Can't wait to visit you there.

dragon knitter said...

i figured it this way. you two are competent adults (phil's a doctor, for goodness' sake! and you're a writer!). if you think this is a good move for you, then you do it, and i'd support you 100%. just eat some gumbo for me, ok?

Sarabeth said...

I'll eat some gumbo, some jambalaya, some red beans and rice, some fresh shrimp with Cajun seasoning. I'm so going to have to watch what I eat. I'll have to help rebuild houses just so I can have some of the food!

jmb said...

Mixed feelings, I guess. On the one hand the daughter of one of my close friends has just moved there for at least 5 years. Her husband is a civil engineer and will be the project manager on a bridge and some other things.
On the other hand, I remember the pediatrician (I think?) blogger who left and went to Florida recently, after struggling for two years.
I'm sure you have considered it all very carefully and have made a decision which you think will be best for your family.

Kuky said...

Wow moving? I think it's exciting!

Genevieve said...

I wish you well. I am sure you and your family will survive and thrive! Another dog is probably a good idea.

My husband spent several months in Biluxi (sp?) and New Orleans as an Army Air Force Exchange Service employee, in support of the National Guard and other troops, just after the hurricanes happened. He said the devastation was impossible to imagine unless you saw it.

Sarabeth said...

Genevieve, my mother was recently in Biloxi and described the emptiness of many areas two years afterwards. It isn't just New Orleans.

About the spelling and pronunciation of Biloxi. It is said as if it is spelled B-I-L-U-X-I. Just like Mobile, AL is said Mobeel. Odd, like the spelling of bayou. I have always thought it is the mixture of Spanish, French, Native American, and English influences.

Marijean said...

I thought, I am going to miss you, and I don't even really KNOW you. I hope we meet before you go. You'll have to meet up with Matt and Roberta Fotter -- former C'ville bloggers who moved back to New Orleans.

Sarabeth said...

I have Wednesdays and Fridays free for a while. Well, sort of free. I still have loads to do. I could fit in coffee one morning.

Jennifer said...

Good luck!

gator87 said...

It'll be fun, something new...if you hate it, you can always leave! :-) are young enough that they won't care too much! Those were my thoughts on moving to B'ham.