Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Phill's Been Waiting For These

Late in August the fig bushes that Phill gathered from his grandparents' farm begin to ripen. If there is sufficient rain, the figs ripen early. If, as it has been lately, the weather is dry, we must wait longer for these orbs of goodness.

The one problem is our children. My two oldest children eat all the early figs before Phill gets home. I tried to keep some safe for him, but the kids found them. At some point, we will have so many figs that we will make a side dish for dinner of them. I hope Phill can wait.


Moof said...

Figs! Ahhhh! I haven't had a fresh fig from off a tree for over 29 years!

When I saw that photo, it really tweaked at me! You've made me miss the south even more than I already do ...

I love your photography!

Kell said...

Please post the fig side dish recipe. I'm so curious I could die.