Thursday, August 23, 2007

Perfection Isn't My Goal

I am not a perfectionist. You will understand why I say this when you read Chapter 41. Although I am aware of the hitch in its step, I'm still publishing it as is. As buried in paperwork as I am currently, I haven't the stamina at this late hour to edit it properly.

Yet, I'm so close to the end of the story. There are two chapters and one epilogue left after this one. Well, those are left and a few surprises. I shouldn't use the term surprises as that implies possible fireworks. Who knows what you'll think of them.

All I ask is for you to tell me where you think the hitch is in Chapter 41. Maybe there is more than one?


wolfbaby said...


i knew i was close to another chapter comming out;) i think i have figured your routine!!

Sarabeth said...

Well, don't get too used to a routine. The next chapter isn't written. There is a cursor blinking




Which would bother me if I didn't know what is going to happen. I have to find the time to write what is in my head.

jmb said...

I feel really guilty here because I have fallen so far behind. I haven't read since about chapter 33 I think but I saved them all to my hard drive and mean to sit down and read all in one go. I promise soon.

Sarabeth said...

No guilt, please. It isn't as if I have a deadline.