Friday, August 03, 2007

One Day Mav and I Nearly Went Overboard

Via WOW! Women on Writing Blog:

Casagrande Press Seeks Golf, Fishing, Surfing & Wedding Nonfiction Misadventure Stories for Publication

Casagrande Press is seeking golfing, fishing, surfing, and wedding stories for four upcoming anthologies. (Golf’s Greatest Misadventures, Fishing’s Greatest Misadventures, Surfing’s Greatest Misadventures Vol. 2, and Weddings’ Greatest Misadventures)

The press is looking for nonfiction, first-person misadventure stories such as those involving bad judgment calls, pranks, comical/ironic episodes, disaster, animal attacks, misfortune, injury, loss of wit, panic, temper flare-ups, rough weather, critical conditions, trip or game meltdowns, everyday fears, bizarre injuries, etc. The editors are looking for well-written stories that tell a good tale, reflect a culture, and develop character depth while maintaining a tight narrative tension. There is no fee to submit a story. Writers paid upon publication.

Submit online at

Deadlines vary for each book.

I'm thinking of a time when my sister wrangled an amberjack, but she needed my help. It's written. I'll need to edit it because I wrote it many years ago. Still, I might just try.

There is no try. There is only do.


elizabeth.thomas said...

Oh, I will help with that story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is great.

And spoken like Daddy "There is only do."

jmb said...

Well I don't know what an amberjack is, assume it's a very big fish.
Go for it!

Sarabeth said...

Actually, spoken like Yoda.

JMB, an amberjack is a fish found in the Gulf of Mexico that fights, fights, fights for its right to stay in the water. My father called it a tourist fish, as mostly tourists would order it in restaurants when better choices of grouper or snapper were available. Phill vehemently supports the taste of amberjack. Alas, Phill did not live in Florida long enough to truly understand. I still love him.

Kell said...

Ooooh. I think I have a few wedding fiasco stories... OF COURSE I HAVE WEDDING FIASCO STORIES!!!!!