Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hospital Drive

Phill has an essay published in Hospital Drive, an e-zine of University of Virginia's Medical School. This is the premiere issue. The journal will be published twice a year. Take a look.

For those of you not from C'ville, here is the reason for the name of the journal:
Hospital Drive is the name of an actual road at the University of Virginia. Set between Thomas Jefferson’s original academic village and the earliest buildings of the School of Medicine, it brings visitors into a community of scholars, teachers, healers, artists and the people they serve.


jmb said...

Oh dear, oh dear. Thank goodness I know that it wasn't his time. A very powerful piece. How difficult it must have been to write and relive.

Sarabeth said...

Of all the things that has happened to Phill the looming specter of a seizure is the one that worries us the most.

That call . . . The smell of him in the emergency room . . . I was the only one who could smell that he had a seizure. The neurologist thought I was crazy. Still, to this day, I can tell by smell that he is close. We use humor to diffuse the tension by calling me a seizure-sniffing dog.