Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Headline Caught My Attention

Although I am unable to add a long commentary about this headline:

Married Men Really Do Do Less Housework Than Live-in Boyfriends

I will say that I am not surprised. I should add that Phill does more yard work that I do. Does this balance the inside work that I do? In our relationship, I do the housework because he doesn't do it properly. Ask him to clean the kitchen and later you will find six things that he either didn't put away or clean. Some days it is more. I, however, rarely do the yard work the way he would want it done.

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dragon knitter said...

i have found that compromise works. hubbie and i had a long discussion, and agreed that i would do the yardwork (except mowing and weed-whacking, they both make my hands go numb),a nd he'll do the housework. which means i get winters off!