Monday, August 20, 2007

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Ladies Prefer . . .

colors on the red side of the spectrum. I'm not making this up. Someone studied and published this.

According to data presented in Current Biology, the favored color for everyone is blue. However, women prefer the redder shade of blue. In fact, based on the color preferences of the study participants, the researchers can now predict whether it was a man's or a woman's results.

This doesn't appear to be cultural:
To begin to address whether sex differences in color preference depend more on biology or culture, the researchers tested a small group of Chinese people amongst the other 171 British Caucasian study participants. The results among the Chinese were similar, Hurlbert said, strengthening the idea that the sex differences might be biological. The explanation might go back to humans' hunter-gatherer days, when women--the primary gatherers--would have benefited from an ability to key in on ripe, red fruits.

None of this surprises me. Mothers talk all the time about how amazing it is that boys and girls display toy and color differences at a relatively young age. One of my friends has a girl a bit younger than my son. While waiting for our older children to finish playing outside, we set our one year olds in the center of the empty preschool classroom. Her daughter walked to the dolls. My son (who has two older sisters, thus being surrounded by girl-themed toys) headed directly for the trucks. Anecdote? Yes. Related to this study? Yep.


dragon knitter said...

i would have made a lousy gatherer then. that eyesearing magenta looking thing gave me a headache!

Sarabeth said...

I should note that the illustration (eye-searing magenta and all) is mine, not from the research protocol.

jmb said...

This Lady dislikes blue and red is her favourite colour.

Kell said...

Everyone has to be paid for something - why not tests like this?