Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why People Have Nookie

In the August issue of the Archives of Sexual Behavior (aren't those romance novels and p0rn sites?), researchers published a study of why people have sex.
Buss and Meston conducted two studies. In the first, they asked more than 400 men and women to identify reasons people have sex. In the second, the researchers asked more than 1,500 undergraduate students about their experiences and attitudes.

Hmmm. Undergraduates? Perhaps the researchers could have surveyed those of older ages. We all know what idiots we were at that age. (My apologies to those still of that age. You will gain wisdom that will cause you to wonder how you lived through those days.)

Anyway, the researchers published four main categories (sub categories exist, too).
  • Physical reasons such as to reduce stress ("It seemed like good exercise"), feel pleasure ("It's exciting"), improve or expand experiences ("I was curious about sex"), and the physical desirability of their partner ("The person was a good dancer").
  • Goal-based reasons, including utilitarian or practical considerations ("I wanted to have a baby"), social status ("I wanted to be popular") and revenge ("I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease").
  • Emotional reasons such as love and commitment ("I wanted to feel connected") and expression ("I wanted to say 'thank you'").
  • Insecurity-based reasons, including self-esteem ("I wanted the attention"), a feeling of duty or pressure ("My partner kept insisting") and to guard a mate ("I wanted to keep my partner from straying").

Just in case you were wondering, I did not actually read the article. Just the press release. I know you weren't surprised that people have sex for varied and complex motivations.

Here's another news story about the research results. Plus, you can visit the Meston Lab website.

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