Sunday, July 15, 2007

What You Drink?

Why I was having this discussion with anyone is beyond me. I do know that I brought it up in conversation. However, I am clueless as to why I thought of the distinction. The person with whom I had the discussion and I did not reach a conclusion. Therefore, I ask you.

What does what a woman drinks (as in alcoholic beverages) say about her? You know, mixed drink, beer, wine.

Which is the worst drink that a woman could be drinking?

For that matter, which is the worst that a man could be drinking?


CJ said...

Okay, is this horribly sexist? I am skeptical about a man drinking fluffy cocktails. Man with a mudslide in his hand? I am going to be raising my mind's eyebrow. (If you have a mind's eye, you can have a mind's eyebrow, yes?)

I am partial to Laphroaig myself, which is probably a peculiar choice for a woman.

Sarabeth said...

Yes, we must have an eyebrow in our mind. Even if we don't, I like the image it evokes.

That's my point with the post--sexism regarding the beverages we imbibe. Did a little boy ever ask for a Shirley Temple when out with their parents at a semi-fancy restaurant? What would you think if he did?

Are there drinks that aren't connected to a particular sex? Is beer only OK for men? Are margaritas for everyone? What's your gut reaction when a woman downs a shot of tequila?

Be sexist. Let it all out for this one.

dragon knitter said...

depends on the drink. a woman who drinks keystone makes me think of trailer trash. however, a woman who drinks guiness is someone who is independent-minded, and a free-thinker. as for mudslides? my brother loves them, and you can ask his wife how eye-brow raising he may or may not be, lol. same goes for a man, as far as beer goes.

wine? someone who thinks they are a step above, unless it's boone's farm, lol. whether male or female (maybe males think themselves a further step up if they drink wine?)

mixed drinks? again, depends on the drink. i would have serious doubts about a man who consistently drinks something with cocktail umbrellas, and lots of fruit (giggle). a boiler maker? oh boy. a colorado bulldog? hmmmmmm. a bloody mary? while it seems a woman's drink, you gotta have some balls to drink one made with snappytom.

i guess i don't think sexist so much as i think station of life. i'm liable think more of someone who drinks jack daniels than i am of one who drinks old crowe (shudder) whether male or female.

CJ said...

All right then. Anybody can drink beer. Anybody can drink wine. Mixed drinks are girly unless they're something like a Manhattan or a martini (an old-fashioned martini, not one of these crazy new choco-mint-apple-etc. abominations in a martini glass). I guess it's sugar that makes the difference: in my sexist view of the world, sweet drinks are only for women. Though women don't have to drink sweet drinks. It's just that men can't or I will raise my inner eyebrow at them.

How's that?

Kell said...

Ok - I think it's an age/wisdom game. I think there are men's martinis and women's martinis, for example (one night a friend of mine and I travelled NYC, drinking by color... so if one has a theme, pink drinks are okay for men. It's not that interesting a story, but by the end of the night, a Russian server slid two glasses of VERY red liquid towards us - on the house - and even though we shouldn't have - we drank them.)

Ok. Arbor Mist, Boone's Farm, Old Milwaukee: College Student alcohol.

Blue Moon Belgium White - Discerning college students, and whomever...

Wild microbrews: Westmalle Tripel, He'Brew, Left Hand Ju Ju Ginger, Belle's Porter, Framboise, Peche, Young's Oatmeal Stout - Beer Snobs, upper income professionals, and those like me - who hang with the beer snobbery of life.

Crap Widestream Beers: Bud, Coors Light, Labatts: My husband. (although he drank a very girly Souther Tier Raspberry Wheat last night)

Hard Liquor - I've never seen too many men order the girly drinks - but somehow they seem to always want a sip of mine.

Trixie said...

The worse drink for anyone to be drinking is that one that puts them over the edge from fun and social to drunk and disgusting.


What does the choice of the drink say about men or women?

I think we all sort of agree. Look at how similiar the comments are thus far. I can't really add more to the list. I will say that culture places a role. Our British friends like their beer. Our metro-sexual friend likes his wine. Most of the women I know will drink almost anything of quality but less and less beer as the options become available.

One drink that I don't understand and won't touch in recent years would be anything frozen and blended (but if it has ice cream...then we might have to fight over it). I am not a fan of frozen pina coladas, etc. Very 1990s. Very college.

Sarabeth said...

Well, my husband drinks frozen margaritas. I prefer it on the rocks.

Kell, Phill and I qualify as beer snobs.

CJ, what is Laphroaig?

CJ said...

Laphroaig is single-malt Scotch. I was never a fan of Scotch until I tried Laphroaig. Yum.