Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Okay? OK? O.K.? ok?

My question to you is how to you write the word in the title?

  • okay
  • OK
  • O.K.
  • o.k.
  • ok
If you feel like giving a reason, please do.


Awesome Mom said...

I pick the one that upsets my spell checker the least.

CJ said...

I use okay. It's not an abbreviation so I don't go the two-letter route personally. Spellcheck disagrees with me though.

Marijean said...

OK is AP style, the guiding principle of journalistic style -- it's what I use in all my writing because it's generally accepted, and safe and to most readers' eyes, correct. OK?

turtle toes said...

I pick the one I use for the same as awesome mom, which is OK.

Sarabeth said...

Marijean, my only problem with the AP style is that I tend to read OK as Oklahoma because that is the postal abbreviation.

I wonder this because I do use the word okay in the novel. I might have to do a find and replace for all of the usages.

Waldo said...

"OK" is the preferred spelling Spelling it "okay" is a relatively recent development. Linguists can argue all day long about its etymology (my mother and sister both have masters in linguistics, so I've heard it), but the most convincing argument that I've encountered is from the 1830s abbreviation crazy. It was something like Cockney rhyming slang, involving misspellings and awkward abbreviations, with "all correct" becoming "oll korrect" and then said as "O.K." For more about this, see the Wikipedia entry for "Okay."

Genevieve said...

I like OK. It's easy to type.

Sarabeth said...