Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Seven Wonders?

I'm OK with the list as lots of people voted for the new seven wonders of the world via an online poll. I have one exception--Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. It was erected in 1931. Compare the technology of the 1900's with what was available in Rome when the Coliseum was built, and that statue doesn't even rank with the other six that were named the seven wonders.

In case you are worried, the Pyramids of Giza, the only Ancient Wonders of the World still in existence, have been given honorary status as a continued wonder of the world. Isn't that nice?

Who were the people who didn't vote for those pyramids?

And, Stonehenge? Aren't people still wondering how those were built and for what purpose?

The statues on Easter Island make me wonder.

The Acropolis? Don't you know your ancient history?

Did I say I didn't have a problem with the list? I suppose I spoke too soon. I do have a problem. Why is the list limited to seven?

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jmb said...

Well I guess you could wonder about the Sydney Opera House in the continued list too. It was built in the 1960s, but it is a wonder that it was built at all. The original design was incapable of being built and had to be totally redesigned. It took 14 years to complete and was funded by lotteries.
However it is a gorgeous building and well used all year round.