Friday, July 06, 2007

It's my body

When I have the time and I know that my husband won't be able to meet me at the gym after his work day is done, I go to yoga class. One of the teachers is petite, very petite. She's about five feet tall with arms and legs like reeds. She's tiny.

These yoga classes are social; we all talk before and afterwards. As the instructor walked to the front of the class, one of the women asked in a hushed voice, "Is she thinner than she was last week? Heavens, she's tiny."

This elicited many responses. The first being that she was the same size. It was her baggy pants that made her appear smaller. Then we began discussing our own bodies. None of the women talking were tiny, petite, small. Perhaps short, well average height, could be a descriptor, but never tiny. All of us were 30 and older and had confidence in our own bodies. Yet, it got me to thinking of how to describe my own body or anyone's body without romanticizing it or implying disdain.

I'm average height for a woman. Sometimes petite length in pants is better for me. I have broad shoulders, which my husband loves because I can heft a kid in a backpack easily. My breasts are average. I think. I never found it necessary to strap the girls down for sports. My waist is there, but it hasn't ever been pronounced. There is a small dip in and a small growth out as you travel from my ribs to my hips. Before kids, my hips were slim. Having children has widened them somewhat, but not much.

Then, there's my legs. I am proud to say that my legs are powerful. Small or slender, nope. Packed with muscle, yes. I like my legs that genetics has given me.

I'm content with the cards I have been dealt. Of course, I'll do what I can to keep the body in its best shape, even if it isn't in the tip-top shape. Children and joints and time get in the way.

What about you? What feature do you like best? No saying what you dislike. We're all about what we like today. No freakishly tall comments!


Marijean said...

But I LOVE being freakishly tall!

OK, what else do I like? I like my skin. I really do. It rarely betrays me, and I should really take better care of it, but I'm cheap.

I also like my back. My back rocks.

Sarabeth said...

As long as you like being freakishly tall!

Awesome Mom said...

I love my hair. It is a lovely shade of brown and is nice and thick. Every time I go in for a haircut (which is not very often) I get remarks on how thick it is.

Trixie said...

I love my hair - my crowning glory. It's not always styled but it has great texture. I love my legs. No matter what size I am - they look awesome! (Thanks Granny!) I am big fan of the twins. I like to show them off tastefully. Oh and my eyes! When they are very blue - it's awe inspiring.

Now on to the funny side of things:

1. I have the O'Gwynn family butt. So I like it. I like that my brother and Turtletoes have the same butt. I always thought my brother had my dad's butt until I saw Turtletoes walking ahead of me in a corn maze. Then I had a rude awakening. We all have the same butt - my dad's rear is a fluke of nature.

2. I like my moles. Weird, huh? I would be considered "special needs" in China because my moles would be seen as a defect. I get them from my mother. So I like them. They remind me of her.