Thursday, July 26, 2007

I have no patience for snail mail

My friend, Trixie, is in waiting for a baby from Texas. She requested that we contribute to the 100 Wishes Quilt. We did.

Shopping for novelty fabrics was entertaining. My eldest had many ideas as to which types of images should represent Texas. We finally agreed on fabric featuring cowboys, belt buckles with rodeo images, hot peppers, playing cards, and stars. Attached to each square was a wish. I forgot to put one wish from Phill in the package: I wish you are smarter than our current president from Texas. I'll let Trixie decide if she will add that to the scrapbook for the baby.

The other four squares were to reflect who we are. For Phill and I, I decided on a hand-spun plaid to represent our Scottish heritage and the novel I'm writing. Inwe chose a black fabric with large pink roses. Larien, not surprisingly, chose a lavender fabric. Finwe, being young, liked the dinosaurs fabric.

This was a delightful diversion for my family. The girls helped measure the squares and made purses from the scraps. Thanks, Trixie, and good luck, my dear friend.


Kell said...

I'm going to contribute!!!!

jmb said...

What a fun activity for you all. You should try this when your MIL next comes by. Making a simple quilt is a good project to keep everyone happy and not too difficult to complete.

Trixie said...

I can't wait to see the squares and WaWa has said that we MUST include Phill's wish! We both loved the wish and thought it was very timely. Our baby won't have a hard time meeting that goal :)