Friday, July 27, 2007

The Cat of Doom

Just in case you were touched by the story about the cat who snuggles with the dying, read a different point of view from Dr. Clark Bartram or Orac.

Personally, when I read the story I had two thoughts:
  1. I must make sure that Phill is never in a cat-friendly nursing home. Dogs, sure. Cats, no no no no no.
  2. Cats suck the breath out of old people too? I thought that only happened with babies in cribs.


Elizabeth said...

Everybody I know has had one of two reactions to this story:

1. Ahhhhhh! How sweeeeet!

2. See, cats *are* creepy.

My reaction was #2.

Liz Self said...

I read it first on Yahoo news, then showed Wes and he pulled up the NJM article -- very well written. I thought it was fascinating, although I am totally a dog person.

Kell said...

The comments to Bertram's story were great -

I think I'd be a little frightened of that cat - and scat it away!!!!

Anonymous said...

one, female brain no original memory of predator prey association so fight or flight is not ignighted or two, male brain and it is.
It is irrational to fear a domesticated animal, no?

Sarabeth said...

Anon--I am baffled by your comments.

Point 1 of mine is because my husband is allergic to cats.

Point 2 was a joke.

I know many people who fear dogs for quite rational reasons.