Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Go Through the Hoops?

Most endeavors have a process. An example on my mind recently is the process of having a new structure approved in our neighborhood. Before you rant in the comments about the evils of homeowners' associations, we are not one of those that regulate the type of mailbox, hoses, etc. that a house should display. Our process is simple and quick. Still, it is a process.

Having a novel published is a process as well. Either write a query letter directly to the publisher or find an agent who will help you. Of course, that means sending a query letter to an agent. In that letter you need to wow that person with why your story is worthy of publishing. A knock 'em dead synopsis is necessary.

After you have sent your thrills a minute query letter extolling your virtues as a writer, you wait, sometimes for months.

Of course, you could also, as a writer, go to conventions, workshops, or writing groups to hone your skills. These are all good options while you wait.

Guess what? I don't want to go through those hoops convincing someone to take a chance on me. This, however, does not mean that I will stop writing. I will just not submit my self and my tender feelings to the process. Do you have any idea how many would-be authors are out there? Many more than you think.

Could I go the route that my husband has and self-publish? Sure. Maybe I will. Yet, to be honest I do not have the ambition required to gleefully go through the hoops. I am going to finish the novel on which I am working. I will somehow make the entire novel, complete with the letters that I have been withholding, available for distribution. If you think someone should read it, please pass it on or send them the link to the e-book or to order a print copy if I get that far.

Hoops just aren't for me. In fact, they are depressing to me. Not such a great philosophy, huh?


wolfbaby said...

i understand the feeling!

jmb said...

Well I think if I were you, at this stage in your life, the amount of energy involved to go the standard route would be more daunting than depressing for me.

It's also very difficult to put yourself out there for the first time and await judgment.

I think when you are ready you will do it. Just enjoy the writing process for now and think of it as a learning experience for yourself. I'm sure there are many respected published authors, earning a good livelihood, who have a first or even a second book that never came to print.
But there are so many options now with online publishing as well.

I have enjoyed your book and think you are a good writer, so I am sure that there are others out there who will too. How you decide to share it with them is up to you.

Kell said...

I think you're just pretty clear on your priorities... and it's not a bad place to be. I've written two screenplays- only one of which has potential - and maybe someday I'll do something with it... but for now, I'm pretty full- up!