Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where I continue to give unsolicited advice . . .

In the Wedding Anyone? comments, my sister posted this:
Most little girls dream of what their weddings will be like and a few act on those whims and have those over the top weddings. Good for them! If they went into debt, well, you unmade your bed so lie in it and don't say a peep! It is their decision and not mine.

She has a valid point that it was their decision for the over the top wedding. We all know that little girls (why not boys?, huh?) dream of a fairy tale wedding. Personally, I will be showing my daughters the footage of Princess Diana's wedding followed by the mess of a life she had afterwards. Was that one day beautiful? Yes. I watched in awe of the splendor and opulence. Did that beautiful day make the marriage work? Goodness, no.

What little girls, okay older girls, should ponder is who is going to cook, who will take out the trash, and who will clean the toilets once two people merge their lives. How is the money handled? How are decisions made to make major purchases like a house or car?

Maybe those who have lavish weddings are thinking of these subjects, but I doubt it. How could you have the time when you are worried about the food the caterer will serve, the venues for the ceremony and reception, and just how many people will be attending? And, I'm sure either the mother or the soon to be mother-in-law is over your shoulder giving her thoughts as well. Weddings should be for you--not for all those other people.

I'm shutting up, already.


gator87 said...

So far my mom's dress has gotten 3 wearings....her, my sis and me...I'm hoping for more wearings once the nieces and my kids come of age. I still put money in the dress to have it restored and repaired, ended up taking it to someone who does restoration on museum gowns, so it wasn't cheap, but totally worth the sentimental value of it all.

ami said...

My wedding and reception cost $600, because that was all we had. We didn't have a honeymoon, even to a local hotel.

16 years later, I don't miss the lavish wedding at all. My marriage is more than I ever dreamed it would be.