Monday, June 11, 2007

What was I thinking?

In trying to edit/rewrite/slash what I have written previously so that all chapters are posted, I have discovered that I was not thinking when I first wrote some of these chapters. Make that all of these chapters with the exception of chapters 11 and 12. Those two I thought over in dreams, scribbled on paper napkins while my children took forever to eat at lunches out, and fiddled with too many times to remember on the computer.

This chapter, Chapter 14, was definitely one of those I just have to get this written chapters. I used a flashback. (Never again will I use that literary device. Not for me. I do like it when used well. However, I do not use it well. At least not here.) The flashback didn't help any part of the plot. When I edited the chapter, I didn't even save the part I deleted. Its badness was that egregious.

What I did like about the chapter was the deepening of the Trixie character. She is based on a real person, whom I completely adore. Plus, the story she tells at the end of the dinner party is real. It isn't her story. The money in the undies story belongs to my cousin and her husband (two perfectly matched people).

These two brave souls told this at a family dinner party in March of 2006. We ate boiled shrimp, cooked by my dad, and coleslaw that had been over mayonnaised by my two daughters under the tutelage of my mother. The wine flowed freely. We laughed at Dad's hunting stories of younger men feeling more exhausted than he did. By the time my cousin divulged her story, we were all laughing so hard that we woke my then infant son. It was a beautiful evening, the last my mother's side of the family spent with Dad.

I hadn't intended to post about him again. At least this memory makes me smile. He was so alive that night. How much we didn't know.

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