Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekend Reading

As I took a look at this next chapter, I began wondering if it needed to be two chapters. The car ride as one chapter should, perhaps, be followed by the time at the castle. If I did this, I would need to expand the final scene. (That wouldn't be a problem as what I have written is a fraction of what I view in my head.)

If you have time, please read Chapter 36. I would be interested to know your opinion on whether the chapter should be one or two. Of course, if some part bothers you, let me know that as well.

One more addition to the archives: Chapter 16 is posted. That's two more chapters to edit before all of The Solicitors of Abigail Bruce that I have written is posted. Before anyone tells me: I do not care that publishing on the web is so-called first rights. If I did not post the chapters, I would not get them written. Currently, this is about creativity. Publishing is a mere slip of a dream, wispy as a cirrus cloud.

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