Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Watch where you throw that thing

According to VetKelly, I forgot a very important part of the day I got married. When we left, I threw the bouquet. I am not a delicate person. I may not be tall, but I am quite stout, not in a fat way, but in the way that means no one will ever tell me that I'm small or tiny or any adjective that brings to mind images of pixies. I also forget how strong I can be. I must have thrown the bouquet with more force than necessary. According to VetKelly, I harkened back to my high school basketball days.
You forgot to include the photo of you launching the bouquet at Elizabeth and me like a basketball and smacking us in the heads as we stood in an antpile.

I still feel the need to apologize for that. I did just get married. I was not focusing on people standing in ant piles.


jmb said...

Oh Sarabeth, don't call yourself stout. It sounds so matronly. Chunky, well built, solid? There must be a nicer word for the concept. Stout has such a bad connotation for me. I weigh more than I should but I would never call myself stout. Yuk.

elizabeth.thomas said...

Oh, those ants! It was horrible - fireanut at that! And yes, it did have quite a force to it!