Friday, June 08, 2007

Wardrobe Needs Growing Up

I'm in need of help from anyone in Charlottesville who knows where to get grown up clothes. And, by grown up clothes, I mean ones that would be suitable for me to wear while accompanying my husband on a second interview for a bigwig position.

I don't have grown up clothes. I have mom clothes that children are allowed to smear with spit, snot, and half-chewed cookies. I have yoga pants that I wear for yoga. Heck, I don't really have grown up shoes, but part of that is because I can't wear a heel of any height.

This weekend, I am dragging my neighbor to whichever stores you point me towards so that she can tell me no and yes, that does make you look fat. She's a conservative dresser who actually has clothes that she wears to a job outside of the house. I think she's a good choice for clothes shopping.

Where do you shop for grown up clothes? Where don't you shop because of whatever reason? Share. Please. I'm begging you.

Excuse me, I have to change shirts. There's some spit on the shoulder.


Mikki said...

Sarabeth, Talbot's is a good place to shop for grown-up clothing. You have to fight your way through a lot of Junior League-type stuff to find it but they also carry high quality classic styles that would suit you very well. I have a few blazers, skirts, and tops from Talbot's that I've been wearing happily for years.

jmb said...

Hi Sarabetrh,
I just came to say the same thing as Mikki, before I even saw her comment. I am dressed almost always by Talbots, because I like separates, matching and coordinating. The clothes are well made, not too outrageously expensive. They have an online store where you can check out things you might like to look at. I send stuff to my daughter from their online store often.
The sales people are excellent, not pushy, the dressing rooms are very spacious.
No the clothes are not old lady despite the fact that I am.
Good luck.

Ami said...

I so know that feeling. And it is sooo nice to get into grownup clothes. But I am in Utah.

Do you have a Kohls around there? I get most of my clothes from there. One of my favorites is Christopher and Banks found in the mall. I love their skirts, and a lot of the tops, but with the tops and especially the jackets they run the risk of having the "grandma" look.

Sarabeth said...

There isn't a Kohl's in C'ville. There is one a bit of a drive away, but with gas prices as they are currently, I am not going to drive that far. I want to stay right here, try on the clothes, and deal with bad light, etc.

I don't mind online shopping, but the fit can vary so much. Hopefully, I'll be able to find three or four good outfits. I might even buy a dress.

Marijean said...

Have I neglected to mention that I spent three years as THE shopping columnist for a large metropolitan newspaper?

I am at your service.

Have you tried B. Moss at Fashion Square? What about Ann Taylor Loft. Let's go shopping!

Because of my ridiculous Amazonian size, I buy all my business wear from Eddie Bauer online -- another great option.

Alison said...

Talbot's was my first thought too. They have the full range of sizes from petite to Woman, they have classic styles, their clothes last for years and years.

As to shoes, if you can't wear heels, and if you don't minding spending a bit, Naot's are great in a Mary Jane style. Ritchies near Talbots has them as does whatsitsname that just added a shoe addition to its store on the downtown mall.

Liz Self said...

I've always loved Ann Taylor. It can be a little pricey (though not any different than Talbots) but have fantastic sales going on all the time. I shop there because they carry petites, which I need in pants. They make nice dress clothes, everything from pretty dressy to business dressy to fancy dressy. Have fun shopping -- do we get pictures?

Sarabeth said...

Is B.Moss all flowery stuff? I don't like too many flowers on things. Patterns aren't really for me, but I might try it. It's on the way to Talbots and Ann Taylor loft.

Liz, I suppose that I could take photos.

Sarabeth said...

Went shopping on Sunday. Ann Taylor Loft supplied me with the 3 days of clothes (well, I got four) that I will need for the trip.

Shopping was enjoyable with MaddJones.

I brought home:
1 faux wrap red dress
1 red and black patterned sun dress
2 t-shirts (not really for the trip, but on sale!)
1 brown, pale yellow, and black patterned skirt on a white background.
1 pale yellow knit top to match above skirt
1 brown cropped pant--yummy fit.
1 cinnamon (rust?) colored sleeveless button up collared shirt (there really should be some commas in there somewhere)

Phill really likes the clothes and has already planned out when I should wear which outfit.

I look to worn tonight for photos, but I'll share later.