Sunday, June 03, 2007

Roll With It

Chapter 13.

For the crowd who has read it: not changed much.

For the crowd who hasn't: it's new to you.

For all: Feedback if you feel like it. Or you could be like me, water logged, stir crazy, and unable to make insightful comments. I blame it on hearing the closing remarks of the Democratic Presidential debate. How are we supposed to watch these things so far out from the real elections?


jmb said...

Ok, I'm behind again, have downloaded 11, 12 and now 13 onto my hard drive and will catch up soon.
I left a comment on Chap 32 with a query a while ago. Did you notice it? Just wondering.

Lavatory Lady said...

I just wanted to comment on your Masthead because it soooo describes how I feel. I used to have a name, it was Lia. Now, I am Jay and Myles' mommy. I too started a blog because I wanted something that was mine. I sometimes felt guilty for having those feelings, but the more I talk to other mothers, the more I find many of us feel the need to find ourselves through some other means. Thanks for that!


Sarabeth said...

Lav. Lady, I agree that mothers need to define themselves by more than their children. For me it isn't about finding--it is about creating the definition of me. It's still in progress.