Friday, June 29, 2007

Not Lounging in the Pool

Have you been to a conference that was more vacation than for your personal education?

This is not one of them.

Every minute is filled with some type of education. As the speaker last night explained, most of us here are the explorers. We want to find new ways to do things so that our organization is better for now and the future. Sure, a few of us are vacationers, escaping the husband, or kids, or parents. Only one person admitted to being a prisoner, unaware of what she was delving into when she said yes.

We sat so long last night that I was stiff. To combat that I utilized the hotel gym, open 24 hours, at 11PM. That meant that I was unable to go to sleep, but I am no longer stiff.

I miss the kids, but I'm no longer close to tears . . . as long as I don't talk to my husband.

Two words I cannot stand: ginormous and phenomenal. ICK!

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Kell said...

Ginormous is in a book I read this weekend - called "1000 Words every College Graduate Should Know" - or something like that.