Friday, June 29, 2007

In my free time I delude my self with visions of grandeur

I decided that Chapter 36 was too smushed at the end. Therefore, I split the chapter. Now, it is 36 and 37. Chapter 37 is expanded. In Kathryn's writing more of her psyche is revealed. Does it work? I hope.

I am filled with visions of clapping sisters. My ears ring with spelling chants. The love and companionship here could drown an unsuspecting visitor. I will arrive in Charlottesville on Sunday evening ready to build bridges to the future as I fly on gossamer wings powered by the magic that a group of women united generate.

Do you think fraternity brothers return home spouting that type of prose?

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Kell said...

Wow. You make me wish my college had sororities... And I never thought I was missing out before!!!